4 thoughts on “The State of the Debate”

  1. You know, this protect the government thing has really gotten out of hand.

    Louis XIV was as absolute as any despot that ever lived, yet anyone could walk up to him in the gardens of Verailles during his afternoon strolls and speak to him. The grounds were open to the public and the only requirements were that the person be decently dressed and that a man MUST be armed with a sword. There were shops in the town that would bathe you, shave you, and rent you court clothes and a sword if you wished to visit the palace and had none of your own. France had been that way since the time of Charlemagne.

    The SS might piss blood, but it’s time to take down some fences and go back to some old customs. A leader needs to have a pair.

  2. Indiana used to allow everyone to carry in the Statehouse. Sadly, just last year new rules were put in place and only legislators, judges, and prosecutors are allowed to carry in the state house now. We’ll get it back though.

  3. We just killed a bill (99.99% dead) that would have banned firearms in the NH state house. Right now, a citizen can open carry in the state house with no permit required.

    Explains all those shootings we’ve been seeing lately up in Concord.

    Live free or die, m*****f*****.

  4. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. His job is to protect and advance the interests of his constituents, not to elevate himself to a position superior to them.

    I would like to make some pithy statement exposing this asshole for what he is, but I am just too tired to waste the energy on such a poor example of manhood. The most appropriate thing I can think of is “Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.”

    I suppose someone could bitch slap the sorry bastard, but he would just follow them home like some like some “Beat me, burn me, call me sonofabitch, I love it!” bitch boy. Who would want that?

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