Holmesburg Update

At the club last night, a few members of Holmesburg were talking about their continuing struggle with the City of Philadelphia to prevent from being closed down.   Their web site has:

Yes, we’re still here. Yes, we’re still in business. No, it’s not a done deal. HF&GPA has four main priorities right now. They are to lobby the Fairmount Park Commission (FPC) for a lease, to get member dues for ’08 in, to recruit new members and to complete the work on club ground that was postponed because of the threatened closing. Please see the Newsletter pages for more information. Thank you all for supporting your club leadership through these trying times. Brighter days are ahead if we stay the course and if we continue in our roles as responsible and hospitable sportsmen and women.

Which is roughly the same as last time I updated.  They are still working with the city to get the lease, but apparently the administration change is making things take a bit longer, and that they may have to seek another extension while the negotiations continue.

I do hope the city does the right thing here.  These folks are obviously not the ones shooting each other over drug turf wars in the City of Philadelphia, but I doubt that matters to a lot of folks who run that city.  If they secure another lease, I will consider helping them out by joining.  At the very least, I’ll at least show up at a few of their matches for moral support.

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