Holmesburg Update

It looks like Holmesburg Fish and Game Protective Association, which has been under threat of being expelled from the land it leases from the city for it’s club grounds, is still working on securing a lease:

Yes, we’re still here. Yes, we’re still in business. No, it’s not yet a done deal. HF&GPA has four main priorities right now. They are to lobby the Fairmount Park Commission (FPC) for a lease, to get member dues for ’08 in, to recruit new members and to complete the work on club ground that was postponed because of the threatened closing.

The club officers and negotiating committee will take care of approaching the FPC about securing a lease, but if you have any contacts with the FPC we’d be most interested in hearing about them and would be very appreciative for your help. This effort will be ramping up now that the holiday recess is over.

The way most members can help is by sending in your $100 dues for ’08 as soon as you can. An FAQ I can address here is- if the club should have to close (Arrrrg! Not if we have anything to do with it!) your dues would be pro-rated and the unused portion reimbursed. An alternative for you would be to pay $50 towards your ’08 dues now and the other $50 in May, but the club would prefer you send the full dues if possible.

We’re now more optimistic about HF&GPA being around for years to come than at anytime since August 1st 2007 – a date that will live in infamy. But, all of the bad press and political maneuvering has taken its toll. We have lost members and need to replace them if we’re to maintain a fiscally sound and vital association. Do what you can to help bring in new members and you’ll also be helping to insure the longevity of the HF&GPA.

That’s good news. I’m glad things are looking up for them. I know our club has taken in some Holmesburg people, but I hope they will stay members and continue the fight.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, please don’t forget to thank Philadelphia City Council (and especially Joan Krajewski and her office) for supporting our bid to stay where we are. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that Council unanimously supported us in several votes. They also represented us in our negotiations with the other agencies. Without Council’s help and guidance, we’d be selling club assets out of cardboard boxes by now. Please make a point of expressing your gratitude and urging that the FPC afford us a lease. Thank you all for supporting your club leadership through these trying times. Brighter days are ahead if we stay the course if we continue in our roles as responsible and hospitable sportsmen and women.

I’m glad the city is burying their normal gun hating political rhetoric and doing the right thing here. There was nothing to be gained from the city kicking honest sportsmen and women off their facilities.