Interesting Heller Development

From the docket for DC v. Heller:

Feb 11 2008     Motion of the Solicitor General for enlargement of time for oral argument, for leave to participate in oral argument as  amicus curiae and for divided argument filed.
Feb 11 2008     Motion of Texas, et al. for leave to participate in oral  argument as amici curiae and for divided argument, and, in the  alternative, for enlargement of time for oral argument filed.

So the Solicitor General is asking for oral arguments to be extended, so he has a chance to present the Administration’s position.  I asked Dave Hardy what this meant, and he replied:

[An] enlargement of time, which probably means neither side was willing to give him theirs.(Understandable, when you’ve only got 30 minutes, and this guy is only half on your side).

The plot thickens. I’m going to hope The Court denies the motion, but I suspect the SG will get to present his position.

8 thoughts on “Interesting Heller Development”

  1. Apparently SCOTUS hears oral arguments for 2-3 cases per day … but Heller is the only one scheduled for that day.

  2. Why is the bush administration going so far out of its way to fuck conservatives?

  3. I still think it is a valid question. Who is going to vote Republican if not us?

  4. I’ve been backstabbed once too often. I’m staying home on November 4th. The R’s are only “trustworthy,” if at all, when they are in the Minority.

    Gosh, this weak President can’t even control a mid-level DOJ employee. BTW, is Clement a DEMOCRAT career public servant or does he aspire to become one in the new Democrat administration?

  5. Bush is a turd, but don’t stay home. Seriously. If you put one of those two in the White House, we’ll be building case law onto Heller with a much more hostile Supreme Court than we have now. We have to win in ’08, even if it’s with John McCain. By staying home, all you doing is acquiescing to Hillary and Obama’s socialism.

  6. Am I missing something?

    The USSC Docket linked above shows 28 amici curiae filed on behalf of Respondent. However, SCOTUSBLOG and Gura and Possessky sites each show 46 amici filed on behalf of Respondent.

    Why the discrepancy?

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