Happy Valentine’s Day

Bitter won’t be around until very late tonight, so I am off the hook for this year, pretty much.  I am told we’ll be celebrating tonight at Silhouette by painting all the animals pink, which should make things interesting with the red dot sight on my pistol.

Dr. Helen tells us why women like expensive gifts:

I never understood the whole concept of a woman wanting jewelry from a man, especially diamonds, until I read the book Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters. In the book, two evolutionary psychologists explain why people do what they do. Why are diamonds a girl’s best friend? The authors conclude that women have to discriminate between “dads” and “cads” among male suitors. In order to find the guy that will stay with her and help her with children, she looks for two qualities: “the ability to acquire and accumulate resources, and the willingness to invest them in her and her children.”

Now it should be noted that Bitter is much cooler than your average girlfriend, but that is not to say that she’s immune from female evolutionary programming!  So I guess Bitter’s primitive human female brain is telling her “He better be willing to buy guns for the kids.”  “No problem!” says I.

One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Bitter says:

    He makes me laugh. And for that (and a few other reasons), I love him. :)