SHOT – American Made Styer AUG

It’s about time. There is to be already is an American made Styer AUG, and it can be had in 6.8 Remington SPC too. My friend Jason has wanted one of these for a while, and now it’s looking like it might be possible to get one for a reasonable price.

2 Responses to “SHOT – American Made Styer AUG”

  1. Ahab says:

    It’s going to run around $1800-$2000; which is actually less than what the Kel-Tec bullpup is going to be going for.

    One thing to note is that it won’t accept pre-existing mags, so no using your AR magazines in the AUG.

  2. Noops says:

    yeah, I’m sorta waiting for the TPD-USA AUG clone to come out since it’ll accept AR mags.