It’s McCain

McCain edged out Mitt Romney in Florida. Rudy bet his campaign on Florida, so he’s pretty much toast now. On to Super Tuesday, where McCain now has the momentum.

UPDATE: Looks like Hillary won too, but gets no delegates. This doesn’t please me, but it’s occurred to me that Obama could be tougher to beat, so maybe I shouldn’t savor his victories over The Hildabeast so much.

7 thoughts on “It’s McCain”

  1. Obviously, Mitt lost because he wants another Assault Weapons Ban.

    (please, let it be true.)

  2. I wouldn’t call McCain winning 36-31 as having momentum. In fact, it looks like his lead has slipped significantly. In SC he was two-to-one or something like that.

  3. Florida was the first closed primary contest, where McCain couldn’t count on independents voting for him in the Republican primary. This signals that McCain can get votes from people who self-identify as Republicans.

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