What Does LA Mean To You?

Scroll down to “What does L.A. mean to Lindsay” and read.  She’s from Texas, is liberal/progressive, and moved to LA to live in a blue state:

Funny thing is, I think I sort of, well, in some ways, prefer living in a Red State.

Because if I have to hear one more piece of coastal Blue State snobbery, I think I will scream. I try to explain to folks here that in Texas cities we don’t shoot each other anymore than people do in LA, that we are actually sort of nice to each other every once in a while, and we also like going to sunny places with good beaches and good food.

Come to Pennsylvania Lindsay.  We’re a blue state without all the attitude.  But yeah, the weather kind of sucks.

5 thoughts on “What Does LA Mean To You?”

  1. I say the same thing about WV… its a conservative blue state… where people say hi to you when you pass them. In that respect, my new home of FL kinda sucks compared to my old stomping grounds WV.

  2. This reminds me of the new Congressional cafeteria menu. The thing about that that irritated me was not so much the gourmet food, but the pompousness that was attached to it all. Somehow eating Chesapeake Rockfish with endives all piled up is saving the planet. I enjoy gourmet food and have been seen in a French restaurant from time to time, but I see no reason to be pompous about it. I enjoy BBQ and good southern cooking as well. These Blue types need to get out more and see the rest of the country.

    BTW, Lindsay should have moved to Austin. It’s similar to California(hell, I seems that half of California has moved there), but with good BBQ and music.

  3. As a Californian and a liberal/progressive with a gun as well as a gamer/SF/comic book geek, I find that I get caught in the middle of issues. Thankfully, I tend to hang out with like-minded folks so I guess I’m in a bubble of my own. (heh)

    But I do see a lot of the snootiness that Lindsay talks about, particularly with my neighbor city, San Francisco. (Yep, them folks.)

  4. snobbishness is the moat around the untried, untested, inexperienced weakling.

  5. Ace? “Californian…liberal/progressive with a gun…??? Wow, and I always assumed that those things were pretty mutually exclusive !! ) And in the next sentence, you claim there are “like-minded folks”… do they also define themselves as l/p?
    I am suspicious,of course, but a little spark of hope is kindled in my blackened heart, here…
    (Just the simple fact that there are still guns at ALL in California, let alone LA, never ceases to amaze me.)

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