3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Reasonable Restrictions”

  1. couldn’t read the page, but I will answer your question. Of course Chicago’s criminal gang members don’t pay fees. Guns are illegal in Chicago. That’s why there is absolutely no crime in Chicago.

    That was a trick question, wasn’t it?

  2. Thanks for giving my little blog some circulation!

    You should check out my wife’s blog (http://www.gunownersagainstviolence.org). I travel during the week and she is home alone with our daughter and has been having some problems with robbery attempts.

    We have the 870 express, but she can’t lug around a shotgun all over the house, to the kitchen, basement laundry, etc. No, it has to sit in the gun cabinet on the 2nd floor.

    Too bad she can’t keep that Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm I bought her for Christmas in our house.

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