DC Trying to Screw Gura on Attorneys Fees

Basically they don’t want to pay up. Alan Gura, understandably, wants to be paid. It’s important that Gura win this, not just for his own sake, but for ours as well. DC should have to pay the cost of defending an unconstitutional law, and that has to include reasonable fees for the person who challenges them.

The fact that this is getting some public play is also good. That 3.5 million dollar price tag DC is getting slapped with will be noticed by other state or municipalities, and that might make them decide to just fold rather than proceeding forward with a court case and losing. I look forward to Mr. Gura pursuing Chicago for attorneys fees if we prevail there. The idea of Chicago having to fork over a seven figure check is even sweeter than DC having to do it.

7 thoughts on “DC Trying to Screw Gura on Attorneys Fees”

  1. How stupid do they think we are? Pro Bono doesn’t mean you wouldn’t keep records of time spent. How would a firm ever come up with a percentage of Pro Bono work done.

    Shame this judge didn’t slam them with 5 million dollar settlement.

  2. And DC is using the same, proven in court to fail tactics….

    Thats OK. The meter keeps running until Mr. Gura gets paid.

  3. Flight-ER-Doc Said:
    “Thats OK. The meter keeps running until Mr. Gura gets paid.”

    Amen to that. Now that they’ve lost the case, the harder they fight, the more it’s going to cost THEM.

  4. Of course, being DC, they will just expect the US Taxpayers to fork over more money for it.

    And Chicago, when they lose, will try the same stalling tactics: But there, it’s just the local taxpayers who will pay.

    It’s a shame that the executives that authorize these failing lawsuits don’t have to pay, themselves.

  5. Chicago isn’t just on the hook for itself. If there’s a separate judgment against Oak Brook, Daley has committed Chicago to pay for it. But that’s nothing new to it. Thirdpower proved the other day at Days of Our Trailers that Chicago was claiming to have paid for a $200,000-plus gun “buyback” with $40,000 or so in corporate donations. Who paid the difference? Everybody who pays taxes in Chicago.

  6. Anti-gun municipalities should pay for pro-gun lawsuits everywhere. Ohio, where the police will assault you for legal open carry, ought to be ground zero.

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