It’s McCain in South Carolina

It’s disappointing, but Fred’s third place finish doesn’t bode well for the future of his campaign.   Nonetheless, Fred gained at Huckabee’s expense, and pulled away some evangelical vote, he might just be a spoiler for Huckabee, which means I surely hope he’ll stay in the race and keep fighting.  I had sincerely hoped Fred’s campaign could do much better in South Carolina than in previous states, but I don’t think it’s there for him this year.  I sincerely hope whoever walks away with the nomination will consider Fred for his Vice Presidential running mate, especially McCain, who is old as dirt and likely to die in office.

5 thoughts on “It’s McCain in South Carolina”

  1. I was also disappointed about South Carolina. Too bad really. I pretty much knew Mitt was going to win here in Nevada, but man did he take it by a lot.

  2. I think any candidate that gets out before Super Tuesday is a Super Idiot.

    This election isn’t following the usual playbook, despite the idiocy of the media.

  3. Romney might pick a more conservative partner from the south or midwest to provide balance for the ticket, but I don’t think McCain would. He’s been a driving force to move the GOP to the left for years.

  4. I also think that Fred needs to keep the money flowing in just long enough to make it to Super Tuesday, and then we’ll see. Unfortunately, the media has been SO thurough about keeping Fred out of the press and down in the polls, that I don’t think he can make a comeback at this time. I’m going to keep giving him money until he drops out though, or I’ll know for years that I didn’t do the most I could to get the best presidential candidate in a century his chance at the White House. It’s too bad we can’t find a way to keep all the idiots from voting in these primaries. I think that’s one thing that the super-duper long primary season did, is bring the idiots out in droves to vote (whereas in the past only the more informed were inclined to vote in primaries). I may be off base on that assertation.

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