The Menacing In-Line Muzzle Loader

Tom King points out that some people are trying to make distinctions between antique and antique replicas, and modern, in-line muzzle loaders.

I am not surprised they are using these tactics, since it’s worked for them before. See, the modern inline muzzle loader looks, well, modern. It looks like a modern rifle, so it must, by default, be a modern rifle, which is more deadly and powerful. The antique and antique replicas look like old guns, and, of course, must be less powerful and deadly. A hunter that presumes that he doesn’t have a dog in the “assault weapons” fight is sadly mistaken. What’s going on in New York right now is a prime example of that.

They are basically taking a page from the Josh Sugarman playbook.

3 thoughts on “The Menacing In-Line Muzzle Loader”

  1. Well, you can mount a deadly scope on modern blackpowder rifles.

    And don’t forget about that deadly saboted ammunition.

    But I don’t think they have deadly bayonets for them.

  2. The other night me and the wife had this same coversation about hunters and ccw people. Most hunters don’t believe that the anti’s will ever come after them, that only people like me, who have EBR and such are targeted. This is not true, I pointed out what has happened in Autrailia and England, that it could, if allowed, happen here too. She did not buy into that arguement. How could anybody go after her dad’s or brothers deer rifle, which are bolt action guns.

    I informed her that, they will call them sniper rifles. She completely dismissed this. Saying it would never happen.

    This is the attitude of the hunters, verse the CCW holders and EBR owners. We know it can happen, because it is happening or has happened to us. You give an inch and they will take a mile.

  3. Well, the VPC doesn’t seem to like any long-range, accurized rifles.

    I think they want to legislate a 4 MOA minimum for all rifles.

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