Now That’s Drunk!

It’s amazing that this woman wasn’t dead.  Apparently Oregon is the state for Extreme Drunk Driving:

Comer is pictured below in a 2006 mug shot snapped after a prior drunk driving arrest. In that case, her BAC was recorded in the relatively minor .3 range. In November, another Oregon woman, Meagan Harper, was nabbed for drunk driving with an extreme BAC. In her case, Harper’s BAC was measured at .55. Comer’s .72 edges out what TSG has previously identified as the highest BAC we’ve ever seen. That fallen record (.69) was held by Willard Ashley III, an Indiana man who was busted in October 2003. (3 pages)


8 Responses to “Now That’s Drunk!”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I’ve mixed martinis weaker than her blood! Holy shit!!!

  2. sysiphus says:

    Or perhaps she’s one of the 23% of people whose BAC will always read higher on a breathalyzer than it actually is? and have more info about that…

  3. You have to wonder…her BAC is like three times what should kill you.

  4. kaveman says:

    “Apparently Oregon is the state for Extreme Drunk Driving:”

    There’s no mystery. I live in Oregon and know what happened. We have a drinking game here where you take a shot everytime it starts raining.

    We lose alot of people in the spring time.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Lethal BAC is very dependent on the person’s tolerance to alcohol. Most people are dead at .50 BAC, but someone very tolerant to alcohol because of a serious long term addiction to it can go above the lethal dose for most people.

  6. Rob says:

    It wasn’t a breathalyzer test, it was drawn blood at the hospital. So it was indeed a correct reading.

  7. sysiphus says:

    If that was from a blood draw, then I’m really impressed. I would have been dead twice by then. :-)

  8. Ragin' Dave says:

    Dear lord, that’s almost unbelievable! Back when I was in LE, the worst I’d ever seen driving was a .271 BAC. At my heaviest drinking days, I would be completely schnookered at .133 (and don’t ask me how I know, it’s a long story).

    .72 means that this woman was is a hard core drinker, beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.