MADD Gone Mad

MADD is not just a group out to stop drunk driving, it is the latest incarnation of the temperance movement, that’s gone way beyond it’s original mission.   Look here:

Also, as of Saturday, people can lose their driver’s licenses for providing alcohol to anyone under 21. The penalty is important because many underage drinkers get alcohol from friends or family members, said Craig Lloyd, the executive director of the North Carolina chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The law means that, theoretically, parents could be punished for giving a glass of wine to their 20-year-old son or daughter, even if the 20-year-old never gets behind the wheel.

Lloyd said that’s not excessive.

“It’s a zero-tolerance policy,” he said. “Breaking the law is breaking the law.”

It’s busy body meddling in something the state has no business meddling in.  I make it no secret that I believe denying 18-21 year olds the choice, as adults who are free to make choices, the freedom to imbibe alcoholic beverages is unjust.  I’ve always believed if you’re old enough to die for your country, you’re old enough to buy a beer.  I definitely don’t think the state should further criminalize a father who wants to share a beer with his 20 year old son.  Lower the drinking age to eighteen, and I may have fewer problems with this, but as it stands now, MADD can go to hell.

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  1. Zero tolerance = Zero Sense I believe that children should be taught to drink sensibly in there parents home. Thats where I learned by examples to follow and not.

  2. Yeah, we really should just pick an age and stick with it. I’d even be for “alcohol licenses” for people under the age of 21, an idea espoused by a group called Choose Responsibility. These licenses can be issued to young adults who take some sort of class or series of tests and have clean records.

    I’d also go for a system like they have in the United Kingdom, where teenagers are allowed to have one or two drinks if they’re out with their parents.

  3. And you’re just now coming to this conclusion? It was obvious to me 20-some years ago that MADD wouldn’t be satisfied even with the death penalty.

    Even the creator, Candy Lightner, left (or was forced out of) the group when they changed their goal from drunken driving to drinking and driving.

    No “Cause” means no “Money” and no cushy “director” jobs and salaries. No TeeVee interviews, etc…

  4. If your philosophy is that if you’re old enough to die for your country then you’re old enough to drink a beer…

    then you have to move that lower age to 17 with parental permission. Just sayin’…

  5. That’s something I think we could profitably learn from Europe on, myself…

    IMHO and experience, the best way to stop drinking and driving is to not do it in front of the kids – neither of my parents would drive after having so much as a single glass of wine (and still don’t, in fact).

  6. It’s the Brady Syndrome, starts with good though misguided intentions. Becomes obvious early on, but by then the directors discover they like prostitution and are willing to fuck for money.

  7. You’re right. The Brady’s suffer from that to some degree too. Their entire mission was to get the Brady Act passed, on which they were partially successful (they got background checks, but had to accept instant checks, and their waiting period provision expired once it was in place). With that completed, they went after assault weapons, which even Clinton admits cost the Democrats congress. Since then, they’ve been spinning their wheels, without much to show for, and are stuck pushing for silly crap that don’t motivate people, even people who might agree with them. They got what the public was willing to give them.

  8. They haven’t been successful on the federal level, but I still find a lot of their disinformation being passed along to support bad laws at the state level.

  9. They haven’t been successful on the federal level, but I still find a lot of their disinformation being passed along to support bad laws at the state level.-Steve

    When you fuck for money as an interest group, you are bound to spread disease through the body politic.

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