I Wouldn’t Want to Be Ed Either

I pretty much agree with Tony Phyrillas that Ed Rendell has had a bad year.  Any year that’s bad for Ed is good for us.

None of the governor’s initiatives made it past the Legislature. Rendell sought $2.5 billion in new or expanded taxes to pay for his agenda. He got none of it. Rendell proposed an $850 million energy plan, a multi-billion dollar plan to provide health insurance to the uninsured and a proposal to lease the Turnpike to continue sinking money into the state’s failed mass transit systems. He struck out on all three.

A personal plea for more gun control was shot down by the Legislature late in the year and Rendell couldn’t even get a smoking ban passed by the time 2007 ended.

Rendell squandered what political muscle he had going into 2007. My theory has always been that Rendell lied too often about property tax relief. While voters still liked Rendell and rewarded him with a second term, they stopped believing anything the governor had to say.

I guess I’m odd.  I never believed anything he had to say.   Read the whole thing.  Also bad news for Ed Rendell’s gun control agenda, Representative Lisa Bennington, who voted against us in the Judiciary Committee last month, had decided to quit after her term ends, because the pace of reform is just too slow for her.

We should all pat ourselves on the back for this one.  I for one am happy to help contribute to frustrating the anti-gunners out of the Pennsylvania legislature.

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