Georgia Could Gain a Seat or Two in House

It makes sense, since a lot of southern and western states are gaining population lost from the Northeast.  Massachusetts is probably going to lose one congressional seat when the next census is taken.

Pennsylvania isn’t experiencing population loss, but we’re growing at about 1/4th the rate of the rest of the country, and, most importantly, the state is having difficulty keeping young people from leaving.  In the long term, Pennsylvania will probably also begin to lose population, unless we can improve the business climate in the state.  Our governor, who has never seen a tax he wouldn’t like to raise, certainly isn’t helping in this regard.

8 thoughts on “Georgia Could Gain a Seat or Two in House”

  1. Problems keeping young people in the State? We here in Wisconsin certainly don’t have the same problem. I mean, it’s not like the States or competing with each other in some sort of free-market or anything . . . right? Right?

    What’s with these governors, anyways?

  2. NJ is hemorraging people at a record rate. It will take us losing a seat or two in the house before the pols take notice, and chances are thier fix will involve some taxes, or selling some state assests. Last year we actually lost more people than we gained. 3 1/2 more years and I’ll be one of those people waking up in a free state!

  3. I always laugh when people from NJ/NY move to states like Delaware and PA and say in one breath “I love how cheap it is to live here (relative to NY/NJ)” and in the next “but we need more govt here”.

    I’ve had a few instances of this.

  4. No offense to anyone from NY/NJ but the people ive met who moved to DE (or came for college) tended to be annoying, arrogant, complained about lack of government “fixes” and quite a few were the worst drivers I’ve ever seen.

  5. I’m just the opposite, I came from a free state, and I complain to whiney NJites about all the government “fixes” and large amounts of laws.

  6. Attended college at Penn State University and live and work in the Philadelphia metro area. The middle of PA is what keeps the whole state free and in-line. If it were left up to Philadelphia and its politicians and they would make PA just like NJ.

  7. If it were left up to Philadelphia and its politicians and they would make PA just like NJ.

    Without a doubt. New York and New Jersey gun laws are what they are because of the influence of New York City.

  8. My experience with East Coast and West Coast liberals is that after they foul their own nests beyond inhabitability they move into someone else’s and begin to foul that one too. It isn’t a cognitive thing, they aren’t aware they are doing it.

    They are incapable of anything else. There is a yearning in them for “Daddy” to fix everything for them and they never mature out of it.

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