Brad’s Guest Blogging Next Week

I was happy to hear that Brad will be helping to restore my credentials as a Pennsylvania blog by saying bad things about Ed Rendell.  Ed’s been getting way too much of a break lately from me, so I’m quite pleased to have Brad helping the blog get back on track in this regard.  While it was my intention for this blog to be the voice of a Pennsylvania gun owner, I also wanted to make sure I took the time to verbally flog state and local politicians who deserved it, which is a lot of them.

Brad’s already stated he’s not going to post a damned thing about Jim Zumbo :)

One thought on “Brad’s Guest Blogging Next Week”

  1. Next week, I’ll be tackling the issue of student-on-teacher violence prevalent in Philadelphia schools, the money sink-hole that is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and PA transportation in general, the race for mayor of Philadelphia, PA slot gambling, and the Pittsburgh Penguins looking to move elsewhere.

    And, of course, I’ll blog about anything else that happens. With guys like Ed Rendell and John Street in positions of power, there’s an endless amount of BS that can happen.

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