Late to the Party

Bitter and I were off driving around in the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina today, with much getting rained on, so I will have to do a roundup of what other people have posted on the topic of our friend, and troll, CeaseFire Pennsylvania Board Member, Alex Tristan Riley. What these bloggers have gathered is very circumstantial, and we can’t conclusively prove these allegations, because Alex has done an effective job of erasing his past by removing all the blog work he has done. It’s all gone down the memory hole.

War on Guns posts an example of this juvenile satire, posted under the pseudonym NRAfourever. Someone using that Pseudonym has also in the past run a blog, a screens shot of which is showing below:

Rob Allen does the best job of presenting the evidence he has that Alexander Tristan Riley, Culturologist, and NRAFourever are quite probably the same person. Thirdpower backs it up with some more.

You might not be able to take it to court, but judge for yourself whether or not you think they are the same person. All the former blog efforts have now been removed, since Alex accepted his position on CeaseFire Pennsylvania’s Board of Directors.

UPDATE: Armed and Safe has more.

One Response to “Late to the Party”

  1. BadIdeaGuy says:

    Did these blogs disappear at the same time his acknowledged blog did? Is there a way to tell?


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