Other people are doing a really good job of covering this.  I’m constantly listening to complains by folks that gun owners don’t care about other rights, that we’re lap dogs of George W and his goons.  Well, how come it’s gun bloggers and other sympathetic people who are most outraged by these kinds of law enforcement tactics?  Does anyone think this Hmong gentlemen, who was the victim in all this, make no mistake, was treated gently after having shot and wounded two officers after they unlawfully invaded his home?

There are cases where you have to do raids like this, but it shouldn’t be, in any case, so routine that we hear these stories pop up so often.  Maybe I’ll have an easier time taking some folks on the left as being anything other than babbling baboons when they wake up and realize that there are very real civil rights abuses going on under their noises that have nothing to do with George W. Bush.

3 Responses to “MPD SWAT Raid”

  1. Dustin says:

    I think that the Police should at least identify themselves & knock on the door rather than just busting it down & running in. How is a person to know if it’s the Police or a group of thugs?

  2. Nate says:

    In this case, it would have been impossible to differenciate between the group of thugs and the police. But one thing that I haven’t been able to find is how did the justified homeowner not get shot by these guys? How did the cops finally realize that they were shooting up an innocent persons house?

  3. Well if only the police had guns, this guy would not have risked the officers lives by shooting at them.

    Yes I’m being facetious.

    When are Police Departments going to realize that every time something like this happens and the department does not publicly flay someone responsible, they lose the publics trust, which only makes their jobs harder.

    Of course, much of this type of Police Behavior could be stopped if the voters in the city would make it clear they don’t care for it. Of course, that won’t happen until some children die because the sheep have all been told the police need this authority and sheep should never resist crime on their own.


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