Coverage in the Washington Post

Looks like Sullivan’s confirmation woes are getting some main stream press coverage:

Crapo’s spokesman, Lindsay Nothern, said the senator has heard from a number of gun dealers, gun owners and others in Idaho who “have concerns about ATF policies regarding gun sales and even ownership. Maybe the federal government is getting a little too aggressive with people who haven’t done anything wrong.”

The message is getting out there folks. Ryan has done a great job of raising awareness on this issue.

2 thoughts on “Coverage in the Washington Post”

  1. Ryan has been doing a great job, what is pathetic is that his petition still only has 5,100 signatures.


  2. Online petitions mean crap, burying senators in letters and phone calls is what produces results.

    I am inspired by these results.

    I am also glad that the republicans changed the ATF head to a confirmable post back in 2005. I knew that provision would bear worthy fruit eventually. I just didn’t expect the confrontation to happen during a republican administration.

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