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“It is time to stand up and be counted, no more ceremonies, no more resolutions, it’s time to put your rear end on the line on behalf of these men and women who put their rear ends on the lines every single day.”Governor Ed Rendell, Gun Control Rally 12/10/2007

Here’s what a former Police Inspector has to say:

Politicians, government officials and editorial boards have no business using the recent spate of shootings of police officers as grounds for their anti-gun position. They have no right to call for tougher gun laws “for the sake of those officers.” Not unless they talk to them first and find out how they feel about the issue. Police chiefs should also spend more time with their own troops before they join the chorus. Of course, that might mean going against the media who’ve decided they know more about fighting crime than the cops do.

Read the whole thing.

h/t Dave Hardy

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