Criminals and Gun Shows

Maybe this is why criminals don’t tend to hang around gun shows.

Police arrested a man wanted by the law at the Harrisburg gun show. He was trying to buy a firearm, but one dealer realized something was wrong. “He was wanted,” said show manager show manager Nick Jubinski. “State Police came over, picked him up and arrested him.”

A salesperson learned about the suspect’s wanted status on the phone through the Pennsylvania Insta-Check system.

Vendors like Jack Shuttleworth are required to dial before dealing. “We don’t dare sell any gun without doing a background check on it,” said Shuttleworth.

Read the whole thing.  Kind of flies in the face of the Brady Campaign accusations that gun shows are unregulated bazaars of criminal mischief.

4 thoughts on “Criminals and Gun Shows”

  1. I won’t be holding my breath that this would show up on the Brady Blog.

    Too bad because the NICS check is essentially part of the Brady bill.

  2. Sounds like the so-called loophole is actually just a catch loop, like on the end of a lariat.

    Does Brady know about this, I suppose not, they will NO about this.

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