Quote of the Day

This one is from Paul Helmke:

“There is the mythology advanced by the gun lobby of the Wild West and the individual frontiersman single-handedly holding off the British and the Indians and the bears simultaneously”

I don’t think I’ve ever done or seen a post that’s talked about the British, Indians and Bears attacking simultaneously.   I’d say that Peter Hamm needs to keep Paul away from the hard liquor, but I think this is actually carefully crafted language to make people think that what we advocate is an anachronism, and not relevant to modern society.   He also says:

He said European countries have enacted effective gun control laws and that U.S. politicians are cowed by the gun lobby as exemplified by the National Rifle Association.

I guess that’s why mass shootings never happen in Europe, or anywhere else with strict gun control.

7 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Brad says:

    This guy sounds straight out of the Michael Bellesiles camp.

  2. The Duck says:

    Well British & Indians at the sametime, why yes that did happen, as several tribes allied themselves with the British during the war.

    The big difference, is they really have controlled human rights in Europe, for nearly ever.

    Those that did want to live under the thumb of the crown, came to the new world for a better life, & we did that in the 1770’s.

    So the goverments in Europe don’t have to deal with pesky things like the Bill Of Rights, & the people there are use to being subjects.

    There is a price for freedom, what they don’t understand is they really are paying the same price, just without the freedom

  3. kaveman says:

    Well, I’ve never been attacked by an indian or someone with bad teeth, but I have been attacked by a bear.

    Was I glad I was carrying a firearm?


  4. - says:

    British and Indians and Bears, oh my!

  5. Gregg says:

    Well, he forgot to mention the French, though most of that was prior to the Revolution…. THough Indians were involved also.

  6. They really are sounding desparate.

  7. deadcenter says:

    Something I’ve been thinking about recently, serial killers routinely murder far more victims than these folks that choose to go on shooting sprees. Yet, no one is advocating rope control, or board control, or knife control, or razor control. Why is it these nanny state advocates only target guns?