Kryptonite to Stupid

Ah, yes.  Persuasion by insult.  The true harbinger of someone willing to engage in reasoned discourse.  One of his commenters, though, gave me a good idea:

Therefore, if gun advocates were serious about using the magic of gun possession to protect the innocent from violent crimes…

…they would advocate or even create for themselves programs to provide firearm ownership and safe use training to impoverished inner city black and Hispanic residents.

If they are not willing to do so, it is because they only intend their arguments to apply when they apply to an imagined innocent *white* population.

That’s actually not a bad idea.  I have to wonder if the people in Pro-Gun Progressive‘s neighborhood might be tired of being intimidated into letting the drug dealing scum run roughshod over their neighborhoods.  Particularly in urban settings, the good, upstanding people need to be able to defend themselves.

Of course, Saturday Night Special bans, a favorite of the gun control crowd, most heavily fall on the urban poor’s ability to defend themselves.  We’ve fought these laws time and time again, even though few of us buy those types of firearms.  If we’re such a racist bunch, you’d think we’d support a law that would disproportionately disarm the poor and minorities.

I wonder if this guy is aware of the racist history of gun control in America.

4 thoughts on “Kryptonite to Stupid”

  1. I stopped reading Oliver when it was apparent he had a terminal case of BDS prior to our last election. He was a big Dean supporter so you can tell alot about his judgement right there. :-)

  2. But, Sebastian, most politicians (like Rudy) think guns should be banned in urban areas. Of course, “urban areas” is code for “where the black people live”.

    Who says racist gun control is history?

  3. Isn’t that — gasp — the point of the NRA? They certainly spend a lot of money on getting basic studies together for normal folk. We’re rather limited by the various zoning regulations, antigun laws, and political attacks, but we’re not exactly sitting on the side bars here. Most of us advocate it.

    Hell, a lot of gun nuts will provide free- or low-cost- training on their own: smallestminority.blogspot, anarchangel.blogspot,,, and a good few others.

  4. Of course, the Black “Leaders” here in Louisville are all screaming more gun control. I did a post years ago on the Cardinal Coalition blog about how comparitively inexpensive it would have been to buy qualifying residents a revolver or shotgun, and put them all thru Concealed Carry training, compared to what the city spent on some fluff that amounted to nothing. Several thousand could have been armed, both in hand and in mind.
    Why Black “Leaders” insist on modern Jim Crow laws stumps me. Well, no, not really. Control. Control. Control.

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