Alcohol, Tobbaco, and… Not Firearms Yet

I mean taxes.  Congress and the Pennsylvania Legislature have been mulling over taxes on cigarettes and booze.  In principle I have no problem with excise taxes on booze and tobacco provided that those taxes are meant to raise revenue.  The government runs a real risk, if these taxes are raised too high, that they’ll create a black market.  It’s safe to guess these black markets will not to be run by the Boy Scouts.

Of course, increased taxes on alcohol would have a nice effect on the home brewing market.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol, Tobbaco, and… Not Firearms Yet”

  1. Yeah, it was the reason my Grande daddy brew his own and I ain’t talking beer. They don’t brew that in Huntsville Alabama, they brew up white light’n and I got family who still do.

    I personally don’t touch the stuff,rather have a cold Mountain Dew or cup of coffee than booze. But to each their own.

  2. Not me. I am a tippler extraordinaire. I do have a very good recipe for some very good shine that my grandfather made to get them through the depression. Haven’t used it, but would if pressed.

    As for tobacco there is something seriously wrong with acceptance of a $4.00 to $7.00 price for twenty cigarettes when the manufacturer gets only $.27 of it, and the grower even less. That, gentlemen, is theft no matter how one looks at it. I don’t like thieves in general and detest thieves in government.

    Oh, no, I don’t smoke, can’t get me on that one.

  3. I only very rarely smoke a pipe, but I’ve thought about growing tobacco just to do it.

  4. If I lived in North Carolina, maybe I could grow tobacco, but probably wouldn’t. If the ATF ever shows up at my house, I don’t know if I want there to be any serious ambiguity as to which part of the acronym they wish to speak to me about :)

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