M1 Sweetness

I am one step closer to getting my M1 Garand.  I received this e-mail this morning from the CMP:

We have received and verified your recent order. There is nothing that we will be able to tell you about the order until we have input all orders received ahead of yours into the system. Your order will now advance to our sales area and from there to our shipping area.  Please note, that unless otherwise listed, our order to ship time is 30 days. You will receive other emails as the order progresses.

The one I ordered was a Springfield Armory M1 in Correct Grade.  I hope I end up getting it.

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  1. I got a Garand and a carbine this summer. The Garand was assembled in May 1945 and appears to have all of its original parts. Sweet! Like you, I got a C&R and they shipped it to my door! I went straight to the range and tested it to hear that distinctive “ping!” after the eighth round. Ahhhh…

  2. Correct Grade? Ahhh, you dog!

    I had to setle for Service grade, but I’m sure I’ll be satisfied.

    Got that same e-mail a week ago, so far nothing else.

  3. The standard clip has to be full (eight rounds) or the cartidges are loose and difficult to insert. There are clips designed to hold five rounds available (Fulton Armory is one source), which are needed to make the M1 legal for hunting in many states. Also available are two-round clips. Most competitive shooters I’ve shot with start with a two round clip, then insert a regular eight-round clip for their 10 shot series.

    BTW, I love my Garand, and since I got my CMP version (about 10 years ago) a half dozen of my friends had to have one too.

  4. How long ago did you guys send in your paperwork?
    I too ordered a service grade cmp garand. I procrastinated when they where like $200 and didn’t get one. I procrastinated when they were $400 and didn’t get one. Now that they are back in stock at $600 I figured I better get one before they go to $800.
    It’s only been a few weeks since I mailed in the paperwork. The CMP site says 60-90 days for the service grade, but I was kind of hoping I would get an email or something at least acknowledging they got my order.

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