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“[Gun control] is an issue that, again, doesn’t break down under normal party lines, and if we’re going to win this we have to build a coalition, and that coalition in my judgment should include every southeastern Republican and Democrat. There’s no excuse for anybody from the southeast not voting to support common sense gun legislation” – Governor Rendell, 12/03/2007

Within several miles of my house are at least four gun shops.  Literally right around the block there is one.   When you think about how many shooters a single gun shop can service, that gives you an idea of how many gun owners there are in this area.

My shooting club, which is 10 miles up the road in the next Township has 1100 members, and we’re at our limit.  There’s a waiting list to join.  If you went to apply today you’d be turned away.

Chester County issues approximately 11,000 LTCs, Montgomery County issues about 19,000, My county (Bucks) issues about 24,000.  Delaware County issues about 12,000.   That totals 66,000 licenses issued in the Philadelphia Suburbs.  The city itself issues 32,000.   License holders are typically the most active in the gun rights community, and 100,000 region wide is nothing to sneeze at.

Ed Rendell seems to be operating under the mistaken impression that no one in the suburbs cares about the second amendment.  I think he’s wrong, and come election day, we may have to single out a few vulnerable members of his little “coalition” and demonstrate that.

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  1. Even if Eddie were right about SE Pennsylvania, he displays the attitude that SE Pennsylvania should force their will upon the rest of the state, and this attitude is the reason folks here despise Philadelphia.

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