9 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Gun Nut …”

  1. My wife had the same basic thing happen, but with a .22 pistol at a pistol competition. That was when she finally learned to stop wearing lower cut shirts…..there were a lot of sad men at the range after that.

  2. I got one on the back of my neck where the brass caught under my collar. My buddy has one too.

    Gotta love the “hot brass dance” I was pleased that I held my cool to set my gun on the bench first before I did the dance.

  3. I’ll 3rd that one, .22 right on the nose behind the glasses. Nice burn mark for a good week. It seems at the indoor range they bounce off the ceiling & right back down.

  4. do not set the gun down, finish the course or exercise or magazine. If you were really engaged in something serious, I doubt you could ask for and get a time out because you had an owie.

  5. I am happy that I don’t have to admit to being a wimp. I may have let a “god damn” go, but I finished the set of 5 animals assigned to shoot for that relay, then untucked my shirt and shook out the spend cartridge. I have done the hot brass dance before, but I didn’t want to miss the animal this time, so I took the burn.

  6. Of course, I did miss the next animal, but that’s because my standing position shooting sucks :) Not because I got a burn.

  7. It is amazing that some pistols will print tighter groups on your forehead with the spent brass than the bullets do on the target.

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