We’ve All Noticed It

So, anti-gun forces are on the march in Pennsylvania with the help of our Governor, to rally Mayors around the state to make a final push to convince the legislature to infringe on that which shall not be questioned.

In Washington, where Joyce is funding a conspiracy against the federal and Washington constitutions in an effort to get folks fired up about gun control in that state.

In Virginia now, they are pushing to end preemption, hoping that the change in power in the Virginia Senate will lend them some good fortune.

What is it we’re witnessing here?   My opinion: desperation.   They have to score a victory, and with the Heller case looming, it’s more important now than ever.  If they can show no political progress on the issue, and Heller wins, they are in a lot of trouble.  Bryan Miller may be ho-hum about it, but I believe within the next year we have the opportunity, if we work hard and are vigilant enough, to end the current incarnation of the gun control movement.

Don’t get me wrong, gun control isn’t going away.  But a Heller win will force advocates of it to change tactics.  It could put us on the offensive in a big way, and they know it.  The immediate practical significance of Heller might be slight, but it’s a huge rhetorical defeat for the gun control movement.  I predict if Heller wins, within several years you’ll see new opponents on this issue, with different tactics and ideas, with the debate on terms more favorable to gun rights.

6 thoughts on “We’ve All Noticed It”

  1. Assuming any sort of positive result from SCOTUS, I predict the antis and their supporters in legislatures around the country will pretend it didn’t happen and will keep right on going as they are now along with more attacks based upon strict liability and environmental (lead) concerns.

  2. You know, it’s surprising to me they haven’t pushed the lead angle in more places. California has been the only state to figure that out. My only guess for why they haven’t tried it in the larger picture is because it’ll be pretty conclusive and irrefutable proof that this has never been about crime control.

  3. No, CA is the only one that did it in a direct, public way. We’ve had it for years in NY buried in overly broad legislation pertaining to lead cleanup which were written in such a way as to encompass much more than what the bill’s short title said it would.

  4. While at the same time that they’re opposing preemption in VA, they’re supporting it in Illinois for the exact same reasons.

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