The Bureaucrats Answer

Looks like we know how the EU Bureaucracy is going to respond to the school shooting in Finland.  In addition to raising the age of possession to 18, they also plan:

 In addition to making the age-limit more rigid, the EU wants its member states by 2014 to set up computerized databanks containing detailed information on each firearm and the names and addresses of both the supplier and buyer.

The data would be accessible to police and judicial authorities and would be kept on file for 20 years.

I’d say “Oh my, how horrible!” except that’s pretty much what we have here now, except the records aren’t computerized.

3 thoughts on “The Bureaucrats Answer”

  1. Well, all that said, it is still pretty damned horrible… 200 years ago, it was considered uncommon for a man to be without the means to adequately defend and protect his family. Today, if we try to do the same, we are fingerprinted, background-checked, monitored, limited, scrutinized, and generally treated like second-class citizens, if not outright criminals… and 95% (probably more) of us legal gun owners do not commit crimes… ever.

    Just as taxes are never for the benefit of the taxed, I am starting to doubt that laws are at all for the benefit of the lawful…

  2. The EU started creating this bill well before the Finnish shooting. The shooting really had very little to do with it.

  3. Yeh, Interpol’s been screaming for a system like this for quite some time, but the EU was more concerned about the appropriation of agricultural subsidization than international crime.

    And now it finds its way into the news after that high-profile shooting.

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