Game On, Washington

Both Joe Huffman and Ahab are reporting on Joyce latest efforts to push gun control, this time in Washington State. Joe says:

They have no interest in hearing anything other than their predetermined agenda. This isn’t a “conference”, it’s a conspiracy against rights and they should be arrested and be given a fair trial.

Yep, and they will keep trying. They are getting desperate to show some progress, and Washington has been one of the states they’ve thought they could turn. It’s been received wisdom in the anti-gun circles for a while that the state would be receptive to an assault weapons ban. I seem to recall before the federal ban expiring that the Brady’s, or some other gun control group, claimed that they would get several states to pass assault weapons bans if the federal ban were allowed to expire. So far their tally is a big fat zero. They are desperate, and I expect a push to be made on Washington. We beat them back in Pennsylvania, hopefully Washingtonians can too.