Attention Washington State Gunnies

This 2010 election is highly important, and there are some great opportunities to get involved. There’s a Senate where the anti-gun incumbent is vulnerable. Washington has always struck me as being similarly situated as Pennsylvania is regards to the gun issue. You have a large city with a lot of anti-gun D’s, new transplants from out of state who are against gun rights, and deteriorating support within the Democratic Party for gun rights, yet still a large number of people who will pull the the lever for the D candidate regardless of their position on the issue.

One thought on “Attention Washington State Gunnies”

  1. Rossi, the two-time loser who is running AGAIN, is notoriously weak on gun rights. Try and find a single statement by him on the topic with any depth or commitment to the 2nd.

    It blows my mind that Rossi is the best the GOP could find to run against the Tea Party candidate Didier, who failed miserably in the primary when it turned out he had been taking six figure agricultural subsidies from the same federal trough he was railing against. How many elections does Rossi have to lose before the WA GOP says enough?

    I’ll be interested to see what WA politicians the NRA lines up behind.

    The good news for WA gun owners is that we got Jim Johnson back on the WA Supreme Court. He is the most pro-gun justice WA has every seen, and his comments on State vs Sieyes and strict scrutiny of 2A restrictions were a gunnies dream. (see for the details).

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