Feeling Good About Flying

Apparently the TSA has caught several other potential shoe bombers, and various other potential terrorists, and just let them go.  And these are the boobs the Brady’s want me to rely on for my personal security?  No thanks.

Via Eric, who has more to say about it.

I’m sure someone will say that more laws needed.


Maybe the problem is the proliferation of shoes. Especially the high-capacity thick-souled variety….

Worrying about the bombs instead of the bombers?  Where have we heard that one before?

2 Responses to “Feeling Good About Flying”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I was handloading the other day and I accidently spilled a bunch of pistol powder on my shoes. God I hope it all falls out before I fly next…..

  2. Eric Scheie says:

    The bombs made them do it!

    (Hey thanks for the link!)