Barrage of Death Threats?

SayUncle mentioned that Jayne Lyn Stahl was getting some vile e-mail from pro-gun people. She suggested death treats too, though we never saw any of them. Neither, I would wager, did this blogger.

Look folks, I have no doubt at all that there are bozos out there on Al Gore’s Internets. I am intimately familiar with how they operate, and the kinds of things they say. Color me skeptical, though, that she’s getting a barrage of death threats. I would buy one or two. Death threats ought to be reported to the FBI, which I hope Ms. Stahl is doing for those that sent them to her. These aren’t people we want being part of our community.

We’d all be happy to hear and blog about the results of whatever interaction Ms. Stahl has with law enforcement on this matter.

UPDATE: Robb says in the comments:

That site you link to is funny. Bitches about non-proven death threats yet has a banner that calls for the beheading of political opponents. Priceless.

True, but then again I have a joke about Rudy pushing Hilly in front of an oncoming NYC subway train. Then again, I’m not sure this guy is joking.

6 Responses to “Barrage of Death Threats?”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    That site you link to is funny. Bitches about non-proven death threats yet has a banner that calls for the beheading of political opponents.


  2. Linoge says:

    Unfortunately, there are morons and doofi on every side of every argument. The problem is, the hoplophobes are already so good at demonizing the “People of the Gun”, those morons and doofi on our side just add gasoline to the fire.

    That said, a “barrage” is just a wee, tiny, little bit hard to believe… especially since no examples, names, or explanations are forthcoming. What is the saying… “Put up or shut up,”?

  3. Winter says:

    Hey! Good calls on two fronts:

    No, I haven’t seen the emails in question but on the other hand I’m linking to a most trusted source here. Chris Floyd has been utterly reliable and he’s not my only source on this.

    And the banner with the guillotine is indeed a joke. It’s a joke with a point to it, sure; but it’s a joke nonetheless.

    And just to be clear, my point is this: when people overreact to this sort of insult, that tends to prove the point being made, whereas a more civilized reaction would tend to refute it.

  4. Robb Allen says:

    Pardon me Winter if I don’t take your word for it. I want to see the emails and cross verify that they are, indeed, coming from NRA members in large amounts. And with 4,000,000 members, it would take hundreds of thousands of emails before I condemn the whole organization.

    Now, if you say the beheading icon is a joke, fine, it’s a joke. Granted, I don’t get it, but that doesn’t matter. Your intent is your intent, not mine.

  5. BobG says:

    I’m with Robb on this; unless there is proof of threats, I see it as nothing more than a ploy for sympathy.

  6. Cactus Jack says:

    Jayne’s already proven herself to be a liar so why should we believe her allegations? More so since she has’nt shown any of the so called threats. And “trust me, it’s true” dos’nt fly with me.

    I’m sure Jayne’s gotten a lot of nasty e-mails but what did she expect, that she could grossly slander over 4 million people and we’d just smile and suck it up? The 1st ammendmet is not a license to insult people with impunity. Jayne does have the right to speak her mind but we have the right to not like what she says about us. Furthermore, we have the right to tell her what we think about HER though threats, if there were any, are crossing the line and not right.

    I have no love for Jayne and I would’nt piss on her if she was on fire, but I would’nt threaten her either.


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