3 thoughts on “Who’s Visiting Barry?”

  1. They said it wasn’t, so I don’t think anyone thinks it is.

    We also don’t know what it for. Are these oval office visitors? Or just interesting visitors? Or representative of folks to the executive complex.

    For one, I’m not on there. And I’ve made a couple of trips over (though not to the oval office – but to the White House grounds for Cass Sunstein and Peter Orzig meetings. Cass shows up a number of times, FWIW).

    The more interesting question – how did they come up with these names, and now that they claim Bill Ayers and Jerimiah Wright aren’t that Bill Ayers or Jerimiah Wright-will they tell us who they are (or am I a rascist for Not believing them?)

  2. I see Newt Gingrich is on the list.
    Does that make him a commie?
    Seriously, Obama put a list out. More than can be said of Bush.
    Kind of hypocritical to dis Obama putting a list out, when YOUR guy’s still hiding in the weeds…

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