The Tech Vote

Interesting article on how the tech vote is shaping up. On the Republican side, it would appear Silicon Valley has a strong preference for Mitt Romney, which is further indication that people who live there have gone insane, or are under a spell from Mitt’s hair, which is a result of a deal he signed with Satan quite some time ago.

This probably shouldn’t be much of a surprise that he’s raising so much Silicon Valley dough, considering he has the CEO of eBay backing his campaign finances, which is something that might concern gun owners:

But at a meeting in January 1999, Whitman and eBay board member Howard Schultz (who is also the chairman of Starbucks) led the push to get guns off of the site. “Having them up there just wasn’t appropriate,” Whitman says. “It didn’t fit in with the kind of company we wanted to be.”In the spring of 1999, Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado was racked by more than a dozen deaths as two students opened fire on classmates. None of the firearms involved had come from eBay. But as the implications of that event sunk in, eBay became ever stricter about what it would sell.

Firecrackers and police badges were banned. Tobacco products were declared off-limits, and wine sales were severely restricted. And new software, which would automatically search for sale listings that included keywords associated with “hate commerce,” was released. Those listings would then be purged from the site, and a customer-service specialist would review them to see if there was any reason to allow such a listing.

But we all know Mitt is freedom’s best friend now, right? I’m not buying it. Perhaps I am impervious to his satanic hair spell, or perhaps it’s just given his past, I’m just not feeling good about him, and the momentum he seems to have with certain segments of the Republican Party, namely the ones with money.

What’s wrong with you rich people? We can’t let Mr. Satan Hair walk away with the nomination!

2 Responses to “The Tech Vote”

  1. BadIdeaGuy says:

    Mitt even said today “I don’t agree with the NRA on everything,” and I don’t think he meant it in the way that GOA members do!

    Mitt & Rudy will both sign AW ban II: The Worse Sequel.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    I can’t vote for him, besides Satan Hair he’s a Manager and their innate answer to everything is additional layers of stultifying Management, which always includes “gun management”. He’s a Big Gov Guy.


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