I Get to Be The Last

I guess being the last person to get back from GBR, I get to do a roundup instead of giving the direct account.  I still have more to talk about in regards to GBR II, in regard to our guests who came out with us, but that’ll be tomorrow after I’ve recovered.

Kevin blogs about GBR, and the shooting event we had on Saturday.

Uncle has his account.

KeeWee has a few thoughts.

Fodder starts off with some great pics, notices an unfortunate problem I hope he can fix, and gets the spoils in the end.  He also really liked the Ko-Tonics.

USCitizen of Traction Control uploaded some pics while at the range, and gave us a review of the Ko-Tonics upper.

Conservativ UAW Guy has a shot of the Ko-Tonics.

DirtCrashr has his account, along with some great pictures.

I’m glad Chuck enjoyed himself.  I will definitely be helping promote Project Valor-IT to others.

Joe Huffman talks about the range trip, blogs a great quote from Larry Weeks of Brownell’s.

Mr. Completely offers his own roundup.  I guess the lesson here is you stay late, you end up doing a round up :)

All in all, a great time.  Tomorrow I will talk about our guests and sponsors, who I think deserve some serious praise.  Let’s face it, none of them would come talk to us if we were just a handful of guys talking to each other.  They take blogs seriously because the take all of you who read us seriously, and I consider our successes with the GBR to be a victory for our readers as much as it is for us, and for that you all deserve praise as well for reading us.

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  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    If you were last, how come I’ve seen other round-ups? ;-()


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