NSSF Grows a Pair

I’m really surprised about their reaction to Arnold’s busy pen.  I feel bad for Golden State gun owners, but the only way this stuff is going to be brought to a head is for California’s government to feel the pinch.  It sucks, but I can’t really think of any way to convince them to reconsider the idea of gun control as being a good thing.

16 Responses to “NSSF Grows a Pair”

  1. straightarrow says:

    It’s time to file a missing persons report. Where the Hell is Wayne?

  2. Jacob says:

    They lost. Get over it. Time to move on to the next fight.

  3. straightarrow says:

    One cannot lose a fight one does not get in. I am over it. I got over when I sent Wayne my membership card and told him where to put it.

    I just hate to think of him out there all not alone in the wilderness of VIP in that new theme park Foto Awp. If we look real hard I think we might find him in the amazement part of the park at the corners of Compromise and Surrender.

  4. Jacob says:

    This is not the NRAs fault. It is the fault of the lazy, cheap, worthless gun owners of CA who refused to get off their fat assess and get involved in the political selection progress long before this issue ever came up.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel Jacob ;)

  6. Linoge says:

    What about us poor schmucks who moved into the situation after the fact? :P

  7. Sebastian says:

    There are plenty of California gun owners who care, but I’m not sure there are enough of them to make much of a difference. California has been so gerrymandered, that anti-gun legislative seats are, for the most part, completely safe. The balance on power on the gun issue is what it is, and I don’t think it’s going to get better from here for California gun owners.

  8. Jacob says:

    You don’t have to be able to affect every single race. That’s not how politics works. Target 2 or 3 legislators in the primary and 2 or 3 more in the general election. If you’re successful at doing this you will be amazed at the reaction you will get.

  9. straightarrow says:

    I didn’t say this was the NRA’s fault, Jacob. I just pointed out that Wayne and crew are conspicuous by their absence, and have been through this whole process, as is their wont.

  10. Sebastian says:

    So what exactly should Wayne and his crew be doing?

  11. Jacob says:

    That is the wrong question. You should be asking why CA gun owners are conspicuous by their absence at election time.

  12. straightarrow says:

    “So what exactly should Wayne and his crew be doing?”-sebastian

    Not a damn thing now. They got what they wanted. They still have the problem with which to justify all the “send more money, this job is lasting longer than I thought.” letters.

    They should have already done it. Where was there big push to get their members involved, to get affiliated clubs involved, where were all their press releases, and ads, why did they not lobby in Sacramento? I saw a lot of stuff from a lot of “small” groups, didn’t see a damn thing from NRA.

    “That is the wrong question. You should be asking why CA gun owners are conspicuous by their absence at election time.”

    Comment by Jacob on October 17th, 2007

    No, it is the right question. The answer to your question is that the Ca. gun owners probably followed the NRA’s endorsements and voted for the NRA approved candidates, who, by the way, won. You can see what that got them.

    The question you should have asked is how did they manage to endorse so many anti-gunners. And they did manage to get the mail out done on that, but couldn’t do much on this latest tyranny in the area of disseminating information. Oh, that’s right they’re too busy lobbying for the Veteran’s Disarmament and Disablement Act.

  13. Jacob says:

    Candidate ratings & endorsements are political statements designed to achieve a political goal. They should never be construed as absolutes. An “A” rating does necessarily mean a candidate is pro-gun anymore than an “F” means a candidate is antigun. Ratings are compiled by only a handful of people so do not expect them to 100% accurate either.

    NRA represents a fraction of the number of gun owners in CA and the bulk of those who are members do little more than keep their membership current. I don’t go whining to NRA because they do or don’t do something I don’t like. I raise my own money for candidates and do my own ratings and I do it better than NRA does and they couldn’t be happier. Nothing is stopping CA gun owners from doing the same thing. That, however, requires work and it is so much easier for the lazy, cheap, fat-assed bastards to blame the NRA or someone else for their problems rather than accept that through their own inaction they are ultimately to blame.

  14. straightarrow says:

    it seems to be pretty easy to make excuses for them,too. Hooray for you!

    So, why are you so upset with my assessment of the NRA?

    The only way I wouldn’t piss on Wayne is if he was on fire.

  15. Jacob says:

    I’m not making excuses. I’m telling it like it is. I have reasonable expectations from NRA. I don’t expect them to do magic.

    If you don’t like something NRA is doing then please explain how you think it can be done better. Based upon your comments, I’m guessing you can’t.

  16. straightarrow says:

    Then you didn’t read them, or you didn’t understand them.