3 thoughts on “Beware!”

  1. Wrong.

    My contributions–and those of my employers (which are really my contributions, because it’s that much less I’ve been compensated) have been taken from me over any objections I could raise.

    If I had that money to invest, based on my past and current economic performance trends, I would probably be currently worth at least 5 times what I have now and retired in style, young enough to enjoy it.

    Anything I get back from the system when I start drawing out of it in 10 years will be a pittance compared to the opportunity that has been stolen from me.

    One other thing–stand outside a social security office on some weekday morning and see how many in line look elderly.

    No doubt, Sebastian, your generation is going to get raped nine ways from Sunday on this. I have no answer except to amass what worth I can to lessen the burden on my children.

    Thank FDR and “the greatest generation”. My demographic was born into it without a say, just like yours.

    While it is true that we will at least get some of what was stolen from us back, and it looks like you’re just going to get ripped off outright, it is hardly fair to accuse people like me of robbing people like you.

    The robber has been the government.

  2. You’re right, David. It was actually a bit of a joke. This is something I like to give my dad a hard time about, but he feels pretty much the same way you do.

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