Fun with ammo

Ahab again.

So, short story – I had some steel cased ammo blow up in one of my guns. Fortunately, it was a revolver and not a semi-auto, so I wasn’t picking up pieces of pistol from here to Peoria.

You can read about it here at Call me Ahab. Side note, I’ve now contacted Wolf about the product failure.

2 thoughts on “Fun with ammo”

  1. I thought I’d be slick and save money with some Wolf in my Glock fohtay a few years back…About three boxes of that was enough to make me realize that man, the extra dollar a box is certainly worth the wear and tear on my hand and the pistol itself. The brass case stuff really does eject a lot nicer.

    In other news…my site is down AGAIN. I don’t even have my squirrelmail to check emails…I’m probably going to have to beg other gunbloggers for help in getting my shyte moved over to a new webhost. I don’t even have access to a portal or admin page.

  2. SPGP: I noticed that. I’m on the free program so I can’t help you there.

    Keep us updated as to there response.

    What am I saying. You’re a blogger, of course you’ll post it.

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