Watch the Details

I’m not going to criticize the Brady Campaign for having someone else manage Paul’s blog. That’s par for the course in these kinds of matters with non-profits. But for the sake of staying on message, I’m rather surprised that they show someone else posting on behalf of Paul Helmke:

I’m going to guess dpennington is Doug Pennington, detailed here by Buckeye Firearms Coalition:

Recently I was notified by my friend Dan Gettlefinger that just the very sort of disinformation piece I have been talking about ran in the Cincinnati Enquirer. The author, Doug Pennington, is a former Cincinnati resident now living in Washington D.C. and an employee of Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. His article was prompted by an op-ed penned by a Vietnam War vet named Charles Donabedian.

None of us, I think, really believed that Paul did his own blog entires; that’s what staff is for. But you’d think they’d know enough to avoid these kind of careless oversights. It’s one thing to understand Paul doesn’t really manage his own blog. It’s another thing for us to know who actually does it.

6 Responses to “Watch the Details”

  1. Jadegold says:

    Ummm…lots of blogs have others contribute. It’s not a big deal provided those who contribute are actually identified. If you go to site like ‘Eschaton,’ he frequently has 3 or 4 folks who contribute posts.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, but it’s Paul’s blog. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be Paul’s post. The staffer who handles the blog, I think, made a mistake. I was just having a little fun at their expense. I don’t actually expect Paul to do his own blog.

    Give me a break, the news is kind of slow :)

  3. thirdpower says:

    So Doug Pennington is also a former mayor of Ft Wayne, IN and former president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors?

  4. Linoge says:

    Whoops! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  5. caleb says:

    I noticed this as well. I think this is a great “feature”. Like you said, we all pretty well suspected that Paul was not posting the entries, and now we know who is responsible. It makes them somewhat more accountable. At least now we know who’s completely ignoring well thought out comments

  6. I wonder if Paul (or Doug) reads this–they’ve changed it.

    So, either they were lying about the author before, or they are now. Isn’t that a shock?