9 thoughts on “Countertop’s New Toy”

  1. The bolt seals the percussion cap (in this case a musket cap) against weather a lot more efficiently. Basically, it’s a weatherproof muzzleloader that allows people to hunt during the muzzleloading only part of the season; without actually having to use a Hawken with a patched roundball.

  2. Is this review out of date? It made it sound like you’d get your face sandblasted with every shot:
    “With the feel of flaming sand impregnating itself into my face, this gun truly is a pain to shoot. It kicks like a mule, is decidedly muzzle heavy, and the barreled action is poorly fitted to the molded stock.”

  3. 300gr bullets traveling at 2000 fps out of a $400 gun that doesn’t require ATF paperwork, and that you don’t need to buy brass for; but still handles like, and is as reliable as, your centerfire rifle.

    Not a bad deal really.

    Oh and in many states there is a muzzleloader only hunting season (or the muzzleloader shares the bow hunting season) giving you another tag and another shot (though some states only allow “traditional” muzzleloaders, not inlines).

    The remington inline never sold well, but as a whole it’s the fastest growing area of big game hunting.

    Personally, I plan on buying a Thompson Center Encore anyway, to mess around with load testing. Adding a smoke pole barrel to it is only another $300; why not.

  4. Yeah, but for $249.99, I could pop on down to my local Gander Mtn. and pick up an H&R Handi-Rifle in .500 S&W Magnum which accomplishes the same thing.

  5. First, I have no idea what gun chuck hawks was reviewing cause it wasn’t this one. Mine is a beaute with the best fitting stock, and its plenty secure, of any rifle I own. Sights are fantastic too. That said, its a fricken muzzleloader. Its not designed to take to the range and send 100 rounds off at a sitting (for one thing, muzzleloaders get dirty quick and you’d have to pull the whole think out and apart every 3 or 4 rounds)

    I paid a whole lot less than $400 and got cleaning supplies, triple 7 pyrodex pellets, a box of saboted bullets, and a life time supply (well a whole lot) of percussion caps.

    As for the bolt action … This is an in-line muzzleloader. All operate the same! Some use break action, some us bolts, etc. This uses a bolt to load percussion cap based on the Rem 700 action.

    Yeah, don’t know why they didn’t sell more, but I’m thrilled with it.

    I looked at a Traditions, Knights, and a CVA before buying this. None fit as well, and when you throw in the cost of a box of pyrodex pellets, et al. I think this is a better deal (and the quality is far above that of the CVA. Traditions and Knights are great guns, but for 450 or 500 I’d rather get a centerfire (or handgun).

  6. I wonder if there could be a “cartridge conversion barrel” for these things. It would be like those conversion cylinders for black powder revolvers.

  7. If the original manufacturer offered one, they could end up with an ATF problem.

    TC for example only sells the Encore Pro Hunter as a firearm (muzzleloaders are not legally firearms under ATF definitions) because you can change the smokepole out for any centerfire Encore barrel. Tehcnically speaking, they don’t HAVE to do that; but they already went through one lawsuit of the contender and encore, they don’t need another one.

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