Robbery Foiled

From Deb, comes a report of a group of armed robbers is Ypsilanti, MI, who didn’t expect to find themselves staring down the business end of a shotgun.

The clerk told deputies he saw someone crouching in front of the counter and shouted as another man wearing a ski mask attempted to enter the store. Upon seeing the shotgun, the man by the entrance held the door open as the man by the counter crawled out, Egeler said.

Shot through the door was a bad move.  You don’t take shots at fleeing men.   But it’s good in this instance that no one got hurt, and the robbers didn’t walk away with their booty.

2 thoughts on “Robbery Foiled”

  1. Hrm.. that’s about a mile from me. I wonder why i didn’t hear sirens and such.

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