3 thoughts on “New Sniper Rifle”

  1. I thought bolt-action rifles were used, in part, to help hide the sniper. There won’t be any shell casing flying about to give away their position.

  2. My observations at DCM matches 35 years ago was that for aimed fire, it was not a disadvantage to use a bolt action. Ejection and chambering another round took place during recovery from recoil. This was for iron sights too. A box magazine replaced from the bottom is an advantage when using a scope. Mr. Hathcock mentioned an instance where he caught enemy troops wading a river. He got 17 hits as I recall the story. I don’t recall the range but he used a Model 70 bolt gun. I imagine a target rich environment doesn’t remain that way after the first couple of hits if the targets are free to move. A group of experts could do some good though.

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