New Jersey is a Choir?

Bitter seems surprised some think that New Jersey is “the choir” in regards to preaching about gun rights. I agree with her assessment. The voice of gun control has been all New Jersey residents have heard for years, and that’s reflected in their laws. We have a story to tell to the residents of New Jersey, and it’s a compelling one.

We have been on the defensive for quite some time. Now we’re at a point where the anti-gun people are on the defensive, and are touting what amount to small losses as huge victories for gun control, because they got something dammit. Dog food tastes great if you haven’t had a square meal in 14 years.

We have them on the defensive now. Did anyone see the video with Andrew Dysart and Paul Helmke? When you have Paul on C-SPAN defending their position on campus carry, folks, we’ve come a long way. Bryan Miller’s and Scott Bach’s blog are a good way for us to contribute to that, by making sure people reading in New Jersey are getting more than the crap the media and anti-gun crowd wants them to hear. It’s time to start attacking them on their own territory, in states they think are “safe”, and that starts with the public debate. To that end, I am going to submit a membership application to the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, the NRA affiliate for that state. In addition to buying some ammo in August 28th, why not also consider donating some money to your favorite gun rights group in an anti-gun state, or offer some support. If anyone has any recommendations for groups, have at it in the comments.

UPDATE: Thirdpower points out:

With all due respect to Andrew Dysart, not only is Paul, former mayor and president of a Nat’l organization, reduced to arguing against CCW on campus, but to debating w/ college students.


3 thoughts on “New Jersey is a Choir?”

  1. With all due respect to Andrew, not only is Paul , former mayor and president of a Nat’l organization) reduced to CCW on campus, but to debating w/ college students.

    I’m in an anti-gun state. Illinois. I belong to the NRA, ISRA, and Champaign County RA.

  2. I think Bitter may have misinterpreted the choir comment. The writer was trying to make the point that NJ gun owners spend too much time talking to each other (ie, “the choir”) instead of reaching out to other NJ residents constantly subjected to anti-gun propaganda. Scott Bach’s new blog is one step in that direction. I think we all agree that NJ still has a long way to go.

  3. It was a comment left in a blog on a NJ newspaper site, was it not? I actually understood the argument, but the forum wasn’t appropriate (i.e. it wasn’t an accurate place to say they were “preaching to the choir”) for it. If it were on an all gun forum, that would be one thing. Not to mention, Scott is hardly one to be seen as preaching to the choir. He’s debated Bryan Miller on television before. He’s working in NJ. Not even fellow gun owners are considered to be part of the choir since many of them aren’t active in the political process or even in a group.

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