Most Don’t Die

Jeff points out to a reporter that most defensive gun uses don’t result in shots being fired. I’d also point out that most people who get shot with a pistol actually live. Even if there are 195 justifiable homicides by private citizens, there would be a lot more defensive gun uses where the perpetrator was shot, but lived.

One thought on “Most Don’t Die”

  1. And something like 60% of those “deaths by firearms” are gang crime.

    Homeowners tend to call 911 after an attack, so those shot criminals may have the benefit of an ambulance quickly arriving.

    As far as lethality goes, I’ve heard one-shot-kill statistics for the three major types of firearms: handgun (14%), rifle (17%), and shotgun (67%). I’m not sure where these number come from, unfortunately, but at least the shotgun’s effectiveness seems accurate.

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