3 thoughts on “More on PA/WV Reciprocity”

  1. I called it.

    WV is getting better slowly, but surely. As a dyed-in-the-wool blue state, they are absolute proof that gun control is a losing issue for democrats. The few big cities in WV still have more than their fair share of gun-haters, but for the most part, to get elected in the state you have to be an NRA member and a hunter.

    The thing with WV is that all this gun legislation is a kinda new thing. Up until very recently, there was NO gun legislation, except hunting/poaching-related controls. I didn’t expect them to get it all right from the onset, but you can see they are clearly making progress. I’m just glad I moved to a state with full reciprocity :) I’m sure other states are on the way.

  2. Just looking at that map… It seems with a FL license, I can drive all the way to WV carrying, except in SC. If I had a WV license, I’d have to put my concealed weapon in the trunk in both South Carolina and Georgia.

    It looks like SC really the odd man out in when it comes to CCW in the south.

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