Range Shortages

Dave Hardy talks about the problem of finding a place to shoot.  We have this problem here in Pennsylvania too, at least if you’re new to shooting and are looking for a place to shoot outdoors.  The Pennsylvania Game Commissions has, in the past few years, closed down most of the rifle ranges in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and a few more in other parts of the state.  I expect they will never reopen.

It makes me wonder what’s happened to all that Pittman-Robertson money we pay every time we buy a rifle or ammo.

One Response to “Range Shortages”

  1. carteach0 says:

    All that money goes to pay the outrageous salaries of the game commission people. The number of folks there making in excess of $100K a year is obscene, considering what they would get paid in the real world for the same job.

    Is there any tax, ever, that was not abused by government?