Here We Go With the Trans Fats

Get ready for a state wide trans-fat ban to rear its ugly head. Hopefully by the time this crap gets serious legs, we’ll be rid of Fast Eddie.


I just thought, that Tastycakes, which are a Philadelphia icon, contain a fair amount of trans-fat.  There are many of us that have our lines in the sand.  You can have my Tastycakes when you pry them from my cold dead, butterscotch covered hands!

2 Responses to “Here We Go With the Trans Fats”

  1. GeorgeH says:

    Making pastry requires solid fats.
    With trans-fats outlawed bakeries will have to go back to butter and lard which serendipitously make better pastry anyway.

    I hate the nanny state thinking that leads to these laws, but at least this time the law of unintended consequences will put the joke on them.

  2. Sebastian says:

    The main reason for trans fats, as far as I understand, is that they are very stable, and have a long shelf life because they are a lot less prone to oxidation than other types of fats. Tastycakes, which are a Philadelphia icon, use trans fats.