Evil “Assault Weapon” Taken Away by Victim

This group of criminals in Uniontown, Pennsylvania were certainly not prepared to have their victim fight back.   Despite brandishing an “assault weapon”, their victim managed to drop the magazine, and effectively disarm them, sending them fleeing.  They were captured by police.   Good show!

Folks who hate guns often tell us that criminals will just take the guns from us.  Well, that seems to happen quite often to them!

3 thoughts on “Evil “Assault Weapon” Taken Away by Victim”

  1. By (bye?) and large criminals are cowards who neither look for or want a fight.

    They want things the easy way, which means a compliant victim and easy money. Anything else and they run off to find a more cooperative victim.

  2. My understanding is that an attempt to find anecdotes about guns being taken from armed citizens and used against them failed to turn up any examples. It used to happen to police officers fairly often, but that had to do with their rules of engagement and has been reduced thru relevant retention training..

  3. *snorts* they should just consider themselves lucky that neither had a gun within easy reach.

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